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The frights and fears of hybrid / remote working

We're getting closer to halloween! So, hybrid / remote working arrangements for staff... why can they give employers the heebie-jeebies???

I've been asked by a potential client to do some work on the worries that employers often have about hybrid or remote working - especially around productivity and wellbeing. I had a quick (somewhat unscientific) brainstorm about it this afternoon and came up the with following 'top fears'. What do you think? What important ones have I missed?

- Fear of losing oversight of work being done

- Fear of losing control over performance

- Fear of knowledge not being shared

- Fear of skills not being developed

- Fear of relationships stagnating

- Fear of people struggling alone

- Fear of being unable to manage future conflict

None of these fears are unique to hybrid or remote working of course. They're things that can be experienced - and resolved - in any type of workplace. But when teams work (fully or partly) from home, it often means that new ideas and strategies are needed.

I'm hopefully looking forward to supporting some employers with combatting these fears in the future. If you'd like to talk about it as well, do connect and get in touch.

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