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Services Provided

You might be a small employer looking to implement simple but effective policies and processes to benefit your team. Alternately, you might be a larger organisation with internal HR roles already in place, but looking for additional support with a particular problem or project. Either way, Susi O’Brien HR has the expertise and energy to assist with what you need.


Typical activities undertaken include:

Services are usually provided online (though in-person visits within Edinburgh & the Lothians are possible) and can be provided on a retained or occasional basis. Please get in touch to discuss your next steps.

Policies, Contracts & HR Documents

Policies, Contracts
& Other HR Documents

Whether you’re looking to create these from scratch, or updating your existing documents, you’ll want them to be well-written and straightforward. Susi O’Brien HR aims to provide policies, contract templates, job descriptions, employee welcome guides, etc which fit business needs and keep jargon to an absolute minimum.

When working with Susi on written documentation, you’ll be involved and consulted to ensure that the finished versions have the right style and content. Following HR procedures is much easier and fairer when they are clearly written. It’s even better when they also reflect real-life expectations and ways of working.

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HR Advice

HR Advice – For all those tricky issues!

Giving good HR advice means far more than reading from a standard script. Susi O’Brien HR understands the importance of factors such as personalities, financial context, customer / regulatory needs, available resources, and job structures within any workplace. I provide expert advice on employment law and HR matters which is tailored to your individual situation and priorities.

Common topics discussed include annual leave entitlements, conduct or performance concerns, absence management, probation processes, grievances, data protection, and contractual changes.

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Employmet Law

HR & Employment
Law Training

We all know that good training is one of the best ways to build management confidence. Susi O’Brien HR can provide standard or bespoke training options on topics including:

  • Promoting workplace diversity and inclusion

  • Managing disciplinaries

  • Responding to grievances

  • Good performance management

  • Supportive absence management

  • Introduction to data protection

  • Simple recruitment processes

  • Understanding employment contracts

  • Handling contract changes


All training sessions will cover aspects of UK employment law, but also include discussion of the practical and emotional implications of this for leaders. Handling a challenging workplace situation can feel draining for any manager. We will look at these issues head-on and consider, amongst other things, how difficult conversations can be handled and how stress can be minimised for everyone concerned. Courses will also consider situations from an employee perspective, which helps to build skills in empathetic leadership.

Workplace Investigatons

Workplace Investigations

When complaints, allegations, or serious concerns arise in the workplace, sometimes a full investigation is necessary. Susi O’Brien HR can conduct such investigations remotely on your behalf. I have an independent, impartial, and very thorough approach. Evidence will be collected from various sources (such as interviews, emails, screenshots, and other documents) and presented in a clear report format.

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Support with
Other Projects

Susi O’Brien HR can also provide support with other HR-related projects on request. Recent activities undertaken include workforce strategy formulation, job evaluation, pay scale design, review of recruitment materials, and in-depth reports on relevant employment law

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