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Think positively about neurodivergence

Neurodivergence is an umbrella term. It includes a wide range of conditions including autism, dyspraxia, ADHD, and dyslexia. Whilst some of these conditions have been under-recognised in the past, we know that neurodivergent people have existed throughout history. In today’s society, it’s estimated that between 15-20% of people are neurodivergent.

That’s a lot of people! So we should expect that as awareness grows over time, employers will continue to adjust for this. It makes commercial, as well as legal sense to support our staff to feel comfortable in the workplace. Neurodivergent employees often offer essential business perspectives, diligent work, and solid team support.

There’s no need for any of us to be afraid of neurodiversity. It’s always been out there. We're just starting to see it clearer now.

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