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The 12.07% holiday calculation is no more!

There've been some big changes in our legal understanding of holiday pay for UK variable hour workers lately. These changes mean that many zero-hour or casual workers are entitled to far more paid holiday than was thought previously. In short, anyone currently paying these categories of worker a fixed percentage rate for holiday pay (such as 12.07%, as is common) is likely to be underpaying their staff.

It's tricky (and tbh like most holiday pay calculation issues, quite dull) stuff to follow, but very important for those who employ zero-hour or casual hour workers to understand.

I've produced a FREE guidance sheet for employers to explain the updated holiday pay rules which you can get by emailing or messaging me. I've also recorded this video as a summary. It was hard to fit in the whole explanation in five minutes but I *almost* managed it!

Do let me know if you find this helpful, and feel free to share this post if you wish.

Happy holiday pay-ing!

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